Tablecloths To Enhance Product Sales

Although you should have a great product design in order to lure customers who might buy from you, you should also have an irresistible visual presentation. More often than not, sales are about the colours and appearance that keep people coming to your shop or merchant stand. Brightly coloured funky tablecloths are a great way to bring you the traffic you deserve.

Why Colour Works

For the most part, selling is entrenched in the art of persuasion. People value visual appearance sometimes before they can value the product. Colour is a major factor and works for both the company and the consumer. Companies can expect greater brand recognition when they choose the right colours. Buyers tend to have more confidence in the product if they see an appealing colour. A Kissmetrics study showed that 85 percent of shoppers place colour as a priority deciding factor when purchasing products.

Colour Meanings

Merchants should choose colours strategically to invoke specific feelings in their audiences. Certain colours are attached to common feelings in buyers. For example, blue makes people feel trust and security, and yellow makes them feel youthful and optimistic. To provoke urgency, vendors should use red, and to create a sense of urgency, orange is the best choice.

Colours can even be used to target a specific type of shopper. For example, if you are targeting impulse shoppers, it is best to stick with black, royal blue or red. Budget shoppers prefer navy blue or teal. Although merchants will always have to present an incredible product and continually show a buyer what is in the purchase for them, colour choices can go a long way in reinforcing sales.

The Funky Tablecloths

When people attend trade shows, festivals and art fairs, they are usually looking past the neutral table covers to see the feast of goods. The rules of merchandising typically dictate a neutral palette to make products stand out. How effective is this, though, if everyone is doing it? Vendors could unknowingly create a sea of sameness and make it hard for buyers to really see them.

A strategic and well-played move would be to choose funky tablecloths. They help distinguish you from the crowd and tend to make your products pop. This choice goes against everything business owners are taught about sales, but it insures a respectable showing. People will walk about talking about both your products and how you changed the selling game.